Hands Free beast pump NEW MODEL

  • $100.00


Include x5 milk storage bags FREE


Silent even on a silent night, no waking up your babies during suction. Pump it without being noticed, for the sound is as light as being able to be overwhelmed by surrounding sound. More decency, less embarrassment.

2X smaller size, 2X less visibility. A great reduction of space occupation in bra and weight burden on breast, with as light as an apple weight.

One charge for 3-4 using times, to satisfy almost half a day’s needs. Fit for any standard nursing bra, it fits in and snugs well with your breast without wire hassle. Wearable for moving around, it helps to bring you back to normal life and work.

Besides modes and intensity information, the backlit LCD screen also shows pumping duration time, to help you to get a reasonable time frame and other settings even at night.


Meet our Hands-Free Breast Pump with innovative pumping technology. Lightweight and small. Can be worn inside a standard nursing bra, pump smarter and fully hands-free. 
No external cords, no dangling bottles, no wardrobe changes, no fuss to hold you back. This electric breast pump makes it possible to pump at home, at work or on-the-go. Breast pump also supports semi lying position.


9 Adjustable Suction Levels and 2 Modes with LCD Display
  • Safe material, food-grade silicone
  • Flange Size: 24mm
  • Bottle capacity: >120ml
  • Usage time: 70-80 minutes
  • Shut time: 30 minutes auto shut off
  • Charge time: about 2.5 hours, power adapter must be 5V-1A or 5V-2A
  • Silent: the noise of the motor is controlled under 50dB.




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